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How to Help College Students Make Stress Their Friend

By Simone Figueroa, Co-Founder and President U-Thrive Educational Services No one will argue that college (and life in general) is going to be stressful. According to a study of nearly 67,000 college students at 100 different campuses across the United States, “three out of every four college students reported at least one stressful life event withinContinue reading “How to Help College Students Make Stress Their Friend”

Recognizing Negativity Bias and Cultivating Positivity Bias

By Simone Figueroa, Co-Founder and President, U-Thrive Educational Services   The Negativity Bias is a psychological phenomenon in which humans give more weight to bad experiences than good ones. Evolutionarily, this phenomenon was advantageous and helped keep us alive when there was an imminent physical threat to our existence, such as a tiger rustling in theContinue reading “Recognizing Negativity Bias and Cultivating Positivity Bias”

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